Frequently Asked Questions


How do we book a session?

To reserve your session date and time, you will need to complete the online Portrait Agreement and pay the session fee.

What if we need to reschedule?

Life happens, people get sick; we’ll reschedule if we need to! We all know how special it is to be photographed together and there’s no reason to look back at these photos with anything but the fondest of memories. Another consideration is the weather - if it looks like there’s a greater than 30% chance of rain, we’ll pick a backup date.


Our kids might become restless, how long do sessions usually last?

Because I know children lose interest quickly, sessions generally last about an hour (longer for Newborn sessions). That said, if it takes a little while for a child to warm up to being photographed, we can also take our time when necessary. So basically, I’ll photograph you and your family until we have what we need!

The idea of being photographed makes us nervous. Can you help us to feel comfortable in front of the camera?

Absolutely! Besides a possible photo shoot for their wedding, scheduling a family photo session is the first time that most people are being photographed professionally and naturally there are nerves that develop in front of the camera —What do you do? How do you act? — It is my job to give you direction, guidance and lots of encouragement to enable you to feel comfortable and at ease. I always share verbal and visual direction so you know exactly what to do as you’re being photographed. I will also give you the space to be yourselves together. It’s a balance in communication and direction while also giving you the opportunity to simply interact naturally without instruction.

Where should we go?

I personally love photographing family sessions in Center City, Philadelphia. Since most of my clients live and play in the city, why not photograph you in your neighborhood! There are also plenty of outdoor spaces we can go to that offer more character than a simple park setting. With so much history and charm, Philadelphia makes the perfect backdrop for family photos.

 What should we wear?

This is such an important factor in creating gorgeous images that you’ll love forever. Once your session is booked, you’ll receive our What to Wear guide which addresses how to best coordinate outfits so everyone looks cohesive but not matchy-matchy. There are lots of great tips on what to choose and what to avoid. I also LOVE receiving text photos of clothing options and many clients send me pics while they’re shopping! We’ll make this fun and easy!


How long does it take to see our photos?

This is the fun part! Your photos will be ready for viewing within 3 weeks of our session. A slideshow will be created with our best photos (approximately 25) and emailed to you the day before our in-person ordering appointment. I will come to your home where we can discuss the best ways to display your favorite photographs and you’ll have a chance to see and feel product samples. Clients find it most helpful to have guidance during the selection process and the in-person ordering appointment saves everyone time and energy!

Ack! Our child just got a bruise/scratch/bump - can you retouch the photos?!

Definitely! I’m quite experienced at retouching and can remove most unwanted things from photographs. Whether it’s drool, a runny nose, or food crumbs, you can be sure you’re receiving the most beautiful photographs. And since my style is meant to be timeless, I will simply enhance the photos without going overboard or adding strange filters that can make them look dated over time.

We want to share our photos with family and friends, do you offer Digital Files?

Absolutely! The most popular product is a Portfolio Box which, in addition to gorgeous matted prints, includes the High Resolution files for personal printing. Digital File Collections are also available. Gallery Wraps, Wall Prints and Albums include Low Resolution files so you can share them online, use them as profile pics for social media or save them as your phone’s wallpaper (these are not intended for printing).

Do you offer payment plans?

YES! I believe in making professional photography accessible to all clients and offering flexible payment plans is the best way to achieve this goal. If we need to schedule monthly payments of $50, then we’ll do it! These photographs of your family are going increase in value and meaning over time, so let’s look at your wishlist and take it from there!

Frequently Asked Questions

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